Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My WAGS trip today

I received my gift card yesterday in the mail! Yea! Finally! It had $36.91 on it from my September Easy Saver Rebates. I have another gift card on the way with around $19 of October Easy Saver Rebates.

I went back to my Walgreens near work and looked for more diapers! But they were out of the size my DD needed. However they did have some of the pull ups type. Since DD is potty training (she's 2) I figured I would get some of these and see how they do. In her size there was one "premium" and one "regular" left. So I got both. I asked if there were more diapers in the back and they were out. I guess I could've gotten a raincheck, but I didn't. Today for some reason I got the 2 packs for $6.99. Yesterday I got the 2 packs of diapers for $4.99. For some reason today the pharmacy coupon only took off $2, and yesterday it took off $4. Maybe because they were 2 different sku's?

I also bought the Almay FAR mascara, and an Almay lip gloss, since they were B1G1F. I had 2 /$1 off coupons for these. I got 2 rolls of tape for $.99, a bottle of WAGS water for $1.19, Duracell batteries for $5.99 ($.75 off coupon from paper), and got a Cover Girl eyeshadow and eye pencil. The Cover Girl products were $5.49 and $5.29, I had 2/$1 off coupons, and got $2.65 off since they were B1G1 50%off.

So for everything, it was $28.20, paid for with my Gift Card. Not bad, I guess. But not as good as the $7 transaction yesterday! Oh and I will get $6.99 back for the FAR mascara. So I guess I will really have ended up paying $21.21. That sounds better.

This WAGS was out of the FAR L'Oreal moisturizer. I will probably have to go to the WAGS near my house for that one. It would be great if there was a $5/20 this weekend and I could use it on that! I also have a $1 off coupon from the paper for that as well, so I could make $6 on it, if this all works out.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today's Walgreens Visit

Today I got some super good deals at Walgreens, maybe my best deal yet! This is what I got:

2 packs of Walgreens brand diapers, on sale B1G1Free = $8.99-$2.00 coupon book from the pharmacy - $2.00 discount when you buy 2 packs of diapers = $4.99 for 2 packs!

2 boxes of Celestial Seasonings Tea, on sale 2 for $3.00 - $1.00 coupon from Sunday paper - $1.00 coupon from Easy Saver Catalog= $1.00 for 2 boxes!

Schick Quattro razors, bought 2 @ $5.99 each= $11.98 - $5.99 b1g1f coupon from Sunday paper insert - $2.00 coupon from Sunday paper insert - $3.00 coupon from ESC - $3.00 coupon from ESC = -$2.01 overage for 2 packs !

Hefty 1 zip quart size bags, bought 2 @ $3.29 = $6.58 - $3.29 B1G1F ESC coupon, -$1.00 coupon from Sunday paper= $2.29 for 2 boxes!

total out of pocket = $6.27 +tax = $7.80

total regular price value of all this stuff = $39.54!

I am STILL waiting for my WAGS gift card from the September rebates. Hopefully it will come this week and I can buy the FAR items with it!