Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Welcome to all CVS and Walgreens fans out there! I am joining the ranks of the many Mom's who have discovered that you can get free / cheap stuff at CVS and Walgreen's by paying attention to coupons in the Sunday paper and shopping the weekly sale items.

Since I am new at this, I will be starting off slowly. I really only shop weekly at CVS and Walgreen's, but if I see good deals elsewhere (like Rite Aid!) I will be sure to mention them.

Yesterday I went to CVS, and got the following:
1 Playschool wipes $3.99, less $2.00 coupon from Sunday paper
1 pack Bic razors on sale $5.89 (ad said $5.99, but whatever!), less $2.00 coupon from paper
1 diet Coke $1.49 (I was thirsty and needed a filler!)
I used $6 in ECB's from last week
Total out of pocket = $1.61
AND I got back $4.00 in ECB's for the razors!

I am waiting for my Walgreen's gift card to arrive in the mail, so I am trying to hold off on Walgreen's until then.

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