Sunday, May 24, 2009

CVS 5/24/09

I went to CVS today and got some pretty good deals. I hadn't been in awhile, due to being away on business and just being pretty busy at work. I like to go to CVS on my lunch hour, and lately I have been working through lunch. My husband and 2 girls went with me. My husband wanted to check out the new private label pet food. He writes a blog on private label. You can click the link at the right and check it out. Here's what we bought:

Transaction #1:
Coppertone sunscreen $8.99 (we needed this, since we were out!)
Revlon nail polish $3.99, used $1.00 off coupon from paper
Playtex sport tampons, $3.99, used $1.00 off internet coupon
Sponge Bob Bandaids, $2.99, used $.50 off from paper
Clearasil facewash, $3.99
Speedstick ProSkin, $3.99
Used $3 off $15 from emailed CVS coupon
Total: $24.25
Received ECB's:
$2 for bandaids
$2 for coppertone
$3 for Playtex
$3 for Revlon nail polish
$3.99 for Speed stick
Total ECB's = $13.99

Transaction #2:
12 Pack Cottonelle Toilet paper $5.49, used $.50 off coupon from paper
Cascade gel $2.99, used $1 off coupon from mailer
2 Planters Cashews $5.49 B1G1 free, used $1.00 off internet coupon
2 Sobe life water $1.59 B1G1 free, tried to use catalina from Food Lion, but cashier refused it
2 Oreos $4.59 B1G1 free
Always infinity $5.69, used $4 off coupon that was about to expire from paper
1 Hershey Bar $.89 for my daughter

Used $13.99 ECB's from above transaction
Total = $2.48

total #1+#2 = $26.73
Value of all products at regular prices = $82.98

I think I will switch to a new CVS card. On transaction #2, I got NO coupons or anything on my receipt!
From my receipt tape: year to date savings: $988.69, Spring 2009 spending $169.22

I am really trying to buy things my family needs and not stockpile stuff. I have enough toothpaste to last through a nuclear winter!

I was also intrigued by the Neutrogena sunscreen deal, buy 2, get $10 ecb's. They are priced around $10 each, so it's like B1G1free. I also need some vitamins, and they are on sale B1G1 free. I will need Pull Ups by the end of the week, and they are on sale as well. We always need something at our house!

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