Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dollar Tree / Private Label Sunscreen

Yesterday I went to the Dollar Tree looking for cheap pool and beach toys. They had some great stuff! I got a Little Mermaid swim ring and beach ball, Finding Nemo swim ring and beach ball, a water football for the pool, plastic cups with red, white, and blue stars, pack of 4 diving sticks, a Softsoap pump, and some shaving cream. The diving sticks ended up in the bathtub last night and were a big hit.

They also had quite a bit of private label sunscreen. I didn't buy any of it because I recently got a great deal on brand name sunscreen at Rite Aid and CVS. And I have to wonder, is private label sunscreen as good as Neutrogen, Banana Boat or Coppertone? Will it protect my children from getting a sunburn? I don't think that's a risk I am willing to take. Now probably it is made all in the same factories as the name brand, and it's probably all the same stuff, but what if its not? That's not a chance I want to take with my children's health.

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