Friday, February 13, 2009

$5 off $20 coupon for Rite Aid this weekend

Today 2/13 and tomorrow 2/14 only you can use this coupon to get $5 off a $20 purchase at Rite Aid.

This coupon came in my email this morning, I think because I registered at I gotta hand it to Rite Aid, they are really trying! I submitted my Single Check Rebate this week and it was really easy. It is similar to Walgreen's rebate program, in that you can only submit receipts once for the whole month. With Rite Aid, your only option is to receive your rebate in the form of a check. Different from Walgreen's, where you can get a check OR get a gift card. And if you get the gift card at WAGS you get an extra 10% tacked on to it. When I bought pull ups last week at Rite Aid, the cashier explained to me that when I received my rebate check, I could bring it in to any Rite Aid and apply it towards a purchase. That sounded easy enough, and might appeal to someone without a bank account, or someone who didn't want to make another trip to the bank.

So now I just have to figure out what to buy with this coupon! Valentine's Day candy? Maybe some more pull ups? By the way, my 2 year old daughter LOVED the Rite Aid brand pull ups because they had the Dragon Tales characters on them. The Huggies Pull ups have the Disney princesses, and usually those are her favorite. The Rite Aid brand pull ups are similar in quality to the Walgreen's pull ups. It would seem that they were made at the same factory. The only thing that I didn't like was that I inadvertantly ripped a few of them apart when putting them on my daughter. The material is just thinner and is not attached very well on the sides. I guess sometimes you do get what you pay for.....

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