Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Transferring prescriptions to save money

Lately I have been transferring our family's prescriptions around to get $25 gift cards. Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, and occasionally CVS put these offers out. You can find them on their websites, or in the Sunday paper flyers. Most limit these offers to once every 6 months. At Rite Aid if you have more than one prescription, you can get more than one gift card usually.

After you get this $25 gift card, the trick is to use it towards something you really need (like diapers) that is on sale and that you have a coupon match up. Last week I got a $15 off $75 CRT at CVS, and I used my $25 gift card to get up to that $75 level. Another trick with CVS is to use the gift card to purchase items that generate ECB's. That way you can keep getting free stuff! Same idea with Walgreen's register rewards and easy saver rebates (although I hear ESR's are being discontinued). Or use your $25 in grocery items. CVS and Walgreens run great deals on milk, snacks, sodas, soups, cereals, ect.

Some places clearly are annoyed with transferring the prescriptions. It takes more time, they have to call the other pharmacy, ect. I have found it's best to drop it off and tell them that you will be back at a later time to pick it up. It is a bit more trouble for you, but it will be worth $25! And who couldn't use an extra $25 per month!

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