Sunday, January 11, 2009

CVS 1/11/09

Well I burned through some ECB's today, but got a good bit of stuff. I spent $4.64 OP, and got $3 ECB's. This is what I got:

2 CVS brand pull ups $12.99

2 packs Playtex insulated cups $7.99, these were B1G1Free

2 pack bundle of granola bars$6.99, get $3 ECB's

and 3 Johnson's Buddies Soaps.

I used 1 $3 off any CVS brand purchase coupon, $2 off 2 Johnson buddies, and $1 off 1 Johnson buddies soap. I also used $9.98 ECBS+$12.00 ECBS from previous transactions. By the way, you can get tons of other coupons fo these buddies soaps, and at some places, like Wal-Mart, they come out free. At my CVS they are $1.19, so I get them for $.19 each. I try to avoid Wal-Mart.

total = $4.64, received $3 ECBS!

I wasn't planning on getting the sippy cups, however I had my 2 year old with me, and she spotted them while I was getting the soaps. They said BPA free on them, which I have heard a little about. Should I throw out all of the old sippy cups? Whats the deal with plastic cups and bottles anyway? Does drinking out of them cause cancer or not? I guess I should do more research here....;

Also there was a coupon for the granola bars in the paper this Sunday, but I had left it at home. That's ok, I will probably buy another pack or 2. The limit is 4, and my 10 yr old son likes them. That's his hand in the picture. He went to the store with me as well. He had some Christmas cash with him, and he took advantage of the B1G1 free Altoids.

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