Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everyone makes mistakes!

Well I got to my CVS at lunch time, only to realize that I had left my ECB's back on my desk! I decided to look around anyway and see what deals I could do without any ECB's.

I found some CVS brand women's shave gel on clearance for $1, so I got 4. I thought they were included in the B1G1 50% promo, but they weren't. I guess the clearance CVS brand stuff doesn't count towards that.

They had 2 Listerine Whitening Pens, so I decided to go ahead and do the Johnson & Johnson deal of buy $20 of select J&J products, get $10 ECBS. I had 2 coupons for $3 off from the CVS beauty book found recently at the register--- see picure of these by clicking the link below courtesy of
Then I used $2 off Listerine Whitening Pen --- click the link below for the coupon:

I spotted CVS brand cheese crackers on a center isle that had a sign that said, buy these for $1.99, get $1.00 in ECB. I figured with the B1G1 50% promo, that was a great deal! So I got 4 boxes.

So at check out I used a $3 off $15 CVS coupon, and 2x$3 off any CVS brand purchase. The total out of pocket was $13.73, with $10 in ECB's.

But wait! Before leaving the store I noticed that no ECB's printed for the crackers, so I asked the manager. He said since they rang up B1G1 50% off, I couldn't get the ECBs! I told him very nicely that there was a tag right on the shelf and took him over the isle. He took the tag down, even though the dates were valid as a monthly deal. I ended up just returning the 4 boxes and got back $6.08.

So my final total was $13.73 - 6.08 = $7.65, with $10 in ECB's.

I think my next transaction will be for CVS brand pull ups. They are $10.49 a pack or $15.74 for 2 with the B1G1 50% off promo. I could use a $3 off $15, and $3 off any CVS, making them $9.74 for the 2 packs. Stay tuned....

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