Friday, January 9, 2009

Private label vs. Luxury brands

Lately I have been buying ALOT more private label products, mostly in part due to my CVS and Walgreen's shopping. And for the most part, these private label products are pretty good. When I get them for free or close to free, they are even better! But to me, private label goods are for basics or staples. My husband is a private label manager for a large company. So we have alot of retail discussions in our house. We also do alot of shopping.

I am a clothing buyer for a national womens chain. Our stores are located in strip centers alongside WalMarts for the most part. So our prices compare to Target, Fashion Bug, Kohls and Goody's (who is going out of business as of this week, by the way). I basically shop for a living. I shop in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and Montreal all for work. I do a lot of product development, which means I am always trying to translate higher priced goods into more moderately priced goods for my department. As a result, I find myself wanting these higher priced things for myself! Many of my coworkers have Gucci handbags, Prada shoes, Channel Sunglasses, and Theory pants. I have a few of these designer labels myself. For Christmas, my husband bought me a Marc Jacobs handbag, which I truly love. It is stylish, beautiful, and extremely well made. I can carry this bag forever and it will always be in style. When I carry it, I feel great. I don't get the same feeling when I wear my drugstore sunglasses or my Macy's private label boots.

I guess the good feelings I get from private label goods is from the knowledge that I have saved money. And that has become more important to me lately. I do love going into CVS and getting a great deal. But I do love that Marc Jacobs handbag.......

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