Saturday, January 17, 2009

CVS new coupons out

There are some new coupons out on that are good through this Sunday. Click this link to check them out!

Also there are tons of J&J coupons out where you can get the Buddies soaps for free or close to free. Check out's post here and print the coupons.

On Friday I took my daughter to the Dr. for a follow up visit, and of course we stopped by a CVS on the way home.

I used the $3 off $15, along with the $3 off any cvs purchase to get the following yesterday:
2 packs CVS knee highs; these were $1 each, but the tag on the shelf was higher;
3 J&J buddies soaps at $1.19 each; used J&J coupons to get each one for $.19 !
3 12 packs of Diet coke for $11
1 pack of Juicy Fruit gum for $1.19 (for my daughter)

My total out of pocket was $9.62. Before coupons and everything, it was about $17.80 worth of stuff. It was like I really just wanted the Diet cokes and got all the other stuff for (almost) free!

I also got some coupons on my register tape :
$10 off $50
$3 off 2 any hand or body lotions.

Not bad! And I still have $12 in ecb's.

This CVS didn't have ANY Soyjoy bars left --- or any Throat cooler pops. I have visited 5 different CVS's in the past 2 weeks, and ALL of them were out of the Throat cooler pops.

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